Monday, June 4, 2012

I have something interesting to tell you...

Hi, guys. I'm going to tell you something that's kind of hard to explain, so just bear with me.

I've decided to actually let all of you know that my name isn't actually Anna. It's Yana (pronounced like Yah-nah; you'd be amazed how people pronounce it). Anna's actually my middle name (Yana Anna, I know. Sounds weird, but blame my parents). You see, when I made this blog, I never actually thought I'd have followers and readers and friends on here. I kind of assumed I'd give up within a couple weeks when I would realize that no one reads my blog. I've always identified more with my middle name, because I was tired of being the kid with the weird name. For a while, I wanted to change my name and re-introduce myself as Anna, because I thought it'd make me feel more normal. Starting this blog with Anna as my name felt like the first step to that. It didn't feel like lying or anything, since I thought no one would see this blog. Plus, it's my middle name.

Anyway, as I started to become friends with a lot of you, I felt like I was keeping a secret. I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't like not telling the entire truth on my blog. My blog is the place where I feel most open and honest. I've actually been wanting to write this post for ages, but wasn't really sure how to. I mean, it's one of those things that is kind of hard to explain, so you just keep putting it off. I've talked to a lot of people about my name recently, and decided that I should really embrace it. I mean, it's unique, right? People don't forget it as easily, even though it's a little weird (seriously, who names their kid a name with a 'y'?!).

Of course, if anyone's extremely offended or annoyed by any of this, I completely understand if you unfollow me and never speak to me again. If not, I SWEAR I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU. I hope the transition isn't too bizarre. :P

Before you go, I have some more cool news for you: I'm now part of a collab vlog with Lexie, Allyson, Izzy, and Jen! We've been planning this for ages and we're all really excited to be starting. It's our first week. Lex is Monday, Izzy's Tuesday, Allyson's Wednesday, Jen's Thursday, and I'm Friday. We'd all love if you guys would check it out, and spread the word!

We're called: The5LightningScars

Thanks to all of you for being so awesome!



    I'm joking! I'm not angry at all and never would be. Hundreds of bloggers don't use their real name but the fact you used your middle name doesn't make you a monster.

    I quite like the name Yana but then again I like unique names :)

    I watched Lexie's vid today and can't wait for yours on Friday!

  2. Yana or Anna you're still the same fabby blogger I've always followed.

  3. I don't use my real name either, I can't imagine anyone would be too upset. And my friend's mom's name is Slobodanka, so I'd be hardpressed to think that Yana is stranger than that ;)


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