Saturday, January 26, 2013

A guy just called me fat. He straight up said to me "you know, you're not in shape". I feel like the lowest human being on the planet.


  1. Don't. Really, don't. It's not worth it. You're perfectly fine the way you are, and he is a jerk for saying that. Don't do this to yourself.

  2. I agree with Sabrina. What happened here was you ran across a creature in the wild we call "douche bags". Unfortunately they're not going extinct any time soon.

  3. That's unbelievably pathetic. screw him girl.

  4. I hate people at this point. Idiot.

  5. Holy shit. Kick him in the balls next time you see him. If you don't want to be overly aggressive, I'll do it for you. What an ass.

  6. I'm still angry about this. What was even the context?

    It doesn't matter. No situation calls for that. Dickhead

    1. Aw Lex haha I guess maybe it was partially my fault but I don't know.

      He was telling a story to a group of us about how a few years ago he almost got mugged by a guy in Greece because the guy was leading him through a long dark alley and one person asked him "well why didn't you run?" and I jokingly said "guys, Brian is not a professional runner" and I didn't mean that in an offensive way at all, I was just saying that he probably wouldn't have run fast enough for the guy to not catch up to him (apparently, it was a freakishly long alley). I guess he took it really offensively though, because he said really nastily "One: I was bigger back then so thanks a lot, and two: you're not in shape yourself Yana".

      It was absolutely horrible especially because I never meant what I said offensively at all and I talked to a few people about it later and they said he shouldn't have gotten so defensive about nothing. :\

  7. Yana don't you dare listen to anything that jerk-face has to say! You are absolutely beautiful and I don't think I know anyone who can rock them bangs like you can! (This is coming from me, and I recently cut my hair to get bangs again, and I'm not sure if I like them :P) But don't listen to him. He took it too far, and you totally did not deserve that backlash.
    No one deserves to be treated like that.
    No one.
    So don't listen that that douche-nozzle. Just let him and his stupidity fall to the wayside and continue being awesome!

  8. Wow, what a giant dick. Please don't let an asshole's insensitive overreaction get to you. You and your body are amazing.


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